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In vitro methods currently provide great promise for rapid screening of toxicity of chemicals and in the field of regulatory toxicity are already the new toxicology standard for testing skin corrosion, irritation, phototoxicity and sensitisation. 

Main goal of my work is to reduce and replace animal-based methods used in toxicology and pharmacology by innovative, more reliable techniques and tools that modern science is offering these days.

Helena Kandarova conducting Phototoxicity testing in Laboratory of Cell Cultue using 3D tissue models


  • Tissue engineering for applied research 

  • In vitro assay development, optimization and validation

  • Topical toxicity testing in vitro - skin and eye toxicity, phototoxicity and skin sensitisation

  • Risk and safety assessment of cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals


Hobbies: Music (piano and violin), painting, web-pages development

               good music including classic, jazz, and oldies from '60-'70s

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2003 - 2006

FU Berlin, Germany

Dr.rer.nat (PhD)

Magna Cum Laude

Evaluation and Validation of Reconstructed Human Skin Models as Alternatives to Animal Tests in Regulatory Toxicology

PhD thesis supervised by Prof. Monika Schaefer-Korting (FU-Berlin) and 

Dr. Manfred Liebsch (ZEBET at the BfR, Berlin).

2001 - 2003

STU Bratislava, Slovakia

PhD Candidate

Alternative methods for safety evaluation of cosmetics 

PhD thesis supervised by Assoc. Professor Jarmila Hojerova, PhD (FCHPT, STU Bratislava) and Assoc. Professor Sona Jantova, PhD (FCHPT, STU Bratislava).

PhD project defended with excellent evaluation, Final thesis not finished due to the relocation to Germany and start of new PhD at FU Berlin. 

1999 - 2001

STU Bratislava, Slovakia


Stability of cosmetic emulsions containing UV filters. 

Supervisor Assoc. Professor Jarmila Hojerova, PhD (FCHPT, STU Bratislava)

1996 - 1999

STU Bratislava, Slovakia


Alternative methods for the safety evaluation of cosmetics

Supervisor Assoc. Professor Jarmila Hojerova, PhD (FCHPT, STU Bratislava)


Academic Qualification Degree (IIA) - equivalent to Associate professor 
Slovak Academy of Science [ 2019 – Current ]

Address: Dubravska cesta 9, 841 04 Bratislava (Slovakia)


European Registered Toxicologist (ERT)
EUROTOX, Hellenic Society of Toxicology [ 2017 – Current ]


Since 2019 

Centre for Experimental Medicine (CEM), Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia 

Senior Scientist IIa, member of Executive Board of CEM (2022 -  current)
Manager of the Slovak GLP-compliant NETVAL laboratories for in vitro validation trials,

Grants holder (APVV, VEGA, ONTOX)   

Supervision PhD students at CEM

Since 2019 

Institute of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering, Bratislava, Slovakia

Assistant professor 
Course: Cell and tissue culture engineering (Lectures and lab excercises)

Supervision of bachelor and master students at IBM


Since 2019 

InVitroTox Consulting, s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia  

Executive officer, owner  

2008 - 2018

MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories, s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia

Executive Director 

• Established and built up the EU subsidiary of MatTek Corporation in Slovakia
• Hired, trained and coached the key personnel of the EU facility

• Met and exceeded the annual business goals set by the corporation
• Assured sustainable business growth as demonstrated by annual growth in revenues of > 20% 
• Achieved profitability of the EU site since the start of the commercial production.
• Increased the market share in the EU by 120 % 
• Assured ISO 9001 certification of all the facility processes 

• Represented company at scientific committees, international conferences and business meetings
• Led and supervised scientific projects that aimed at implementation of the technology into the regulatory frameworks (ICH, ISO and OECD). 

2007 - 2018

MatTek Corporation. Ashland, MA, USA

Senior Scientist and Acting General Manager for EU

• Optimised testing protocols for topical toxicity testing (skin and eye) 
• Managed international validation project on the EpiDerm Skin Irritation Test ( OECD TG 439) 
• Lead scientist in the EpiDerm Medical Devices protocol development and validation 
• Scientific consultant and test method co-developer in the EpiOcular validation study for Eye Irritation Testing (OECD TG 432) 
• Manager and business advisor for the EU related activities of MatTek Corporation 
• Establisher of the training programs for the clients and scientists interested in 3Rs
• Participant and lead scientist on several international grants and grant applications

2003 - 2006

ZEBET at the BfR, Berlin, Germany 

Research associate

• Development, evaluation and validation of alternative methods for topical toxicity testing using wide range of commercially and non-commercially available reconstructed human tissue models. 
• Involvement in ECVAM validation projects on Skin Irritation and Phototoicity. 
• Conductance of PhD thesis at BfR under the supervision of Dr. Manfred Liebsch and Prof. Monika Schaefer-Korting. 

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