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Honors and Awards

2023 ESET Science Award - Outstanding Scientist in Slovakia - "Finalist" 

2022 Commemorative Medal - Society of Toxicologists of Ukraine members

2022 Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Award Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Foundation

2022 EUROTOX Award Lecture - EUROTOX

2022 Lush prize shortlisted - ESTIV training courses  - LUSH

2022 Elected to the executive board of CEM SAS 

2021 Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation Award  - Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation

2021 EUROTOX Faculty member 

2020 Lush prize - Commended project - Medical devices project team  - LUSH

2020 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science, Slovakia - "Honorable mention certificate" 

2018 Lush prize Shortlisted - MatTek training programme - LUSH

2018 US SOT MD and SPC Best Published Paper Award - US SOT

2018 Elected to the executive board of CEM SAS as an external member

2017 US SOT MD and SPC Best Poster Award - US SOT

2014 Colgate-Palmolive lecture at the US SOT - Colgate-Palmolive

2012 Four Paws Best Poster Award Four Paws

2007 Zet-MEGAT Best poster Award - Zet-MEGAT

2023 ESET Science Award - Outstanding Scientist in Slovakia - Finalist 

Banner ESET.jpg

The ESET Science Award recognises exceptional individuals of Slovak science and has been granted by the ESET Foundation annually since 2019. The ESET Science Award laureates are selected from 5 finalists by an international jury comprised of world-known experts from various scientific fields. Each year, the role of chair of the international jury is held by a Nobel Prize Laureate, and under their guidance, the jury presides over the selection and then the awarding of the laureates.

2022 Commemorative medal - Society of Toxicologists of Ukraine members

Commemorative medal dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Ukraine's independence. With this medal, the Society of Toxicologists of Ukraine, awards Dr. Kandarova for her significant contribution not only to the development of toxicology but also to her active civic position in supporting scientists from Ukraine in continuing their research activities in the conditions of the war.

2022 Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Award 

BEMA .jpg
Helena and Stina .jpg

The Björn Ekwall Memorial Award is given yearly at a prominent toxicological meetings, where the award winner is obliged to deliver “The Björn Ekwall Memorial Lecture”. The main goals of the BEMF is to honour the memory of Björn Ekwall by giving a reward to the scientists who have substantially contributed to the field of cell toxicology, e.g. by developing new in vitro tests, or via mechanistic or validation studies.

2022 EUROTOX Award Lecture 


The EUROTOX Award Lecture (replacing the former Bo Holmstedt Lecture) was established in 2022 and recognises scientists who have made outstanding scientific contributions to the science of drug and chemical toxicology, or related areas. 

Nominations are active, mid-career scientists involved in toxicology research in the public or private sector that are making substantial and innovative scientific contributions in the field of toxicological sciences. Particular emphasis is given to recent research contributions and advanced knowledge of European toxicology with an international appeal. Scientific accomplishment is the prime consideration in the evaluation review process. The first recipient of the 2022 EUROTOX Lecture is Dr. Helena Kandarova (Slovakia).

Doerenkamp-Zbinden Prize 2021 Kandarova Linked in .jpg

Doerenkamp-Zbinden Award 2021

The Board of Trustees of the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation for Animalfree Research has chosen Dr. Helena Kandárová, ERT as the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Prize winner in the year 2021. The Prize was presented to her on September, the 2nd 2021 at an online ceremony during the World Congress on Alternative Methods to Animal Testing in Maastricht. Helena Kandarova receives the prize for her outstanding achievements in the field of alternatives to animal testing. 

Best Published Paper Award 2018 - MD and CPS Section of US SOT 

sot (1).jpg

Best Overall Abstract Award 2017 - MD and CPS Section of US SOT 

Helena Kandarova Award medical devices

2020 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science, Slovakia - Talents program 2020
"Honorable mention certificate" in the category over 35 years.

Anchor 1
UNESCO LOREAL Women in Science 2020 Kand

2020 Lush Prize-shortlisted in 2 categories


Project name: Lobbying for alternatives for the past 15 years

SCIENCE as part of the Medical Device In Vitro Irritation Team (MD-IV-IT)

Project name: 

In Vitro Irritation Testing of Medical Devices

2018 Lush Prize shortlist 

Under the leadership of Helena Kandarova, MatTek IVLSL was shortlisted for Lush Prize in 2018 in the category TRAINING - Project name: 

T5: MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories, Slovakia
Hands-on training and Teaching on Alternative Methods in Toxicology


2020 Lush Prize - Commended project 


Medical Device In Vitro Irritation Team (MD-IV-IT)

Lush Prize 2020  Comended Project ceriti

Four Paws Poster Award - EUSAAT Congress 2012

Helena Kandarova Four Paws Award Eye Irritation

Zet-MEGAT Poster Award - Linz Congress 2007

Helena Kandarova Linz Congress Poster Award Skin Irritation


  • 2024 ESTIV Congress president

  • 2022 ESTIV Congress president

  • 2018 Business recognition for founding, building and establishing MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories in the EU 

  • 2017 EUROTOX 2017 Congress President 

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