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I am a results-oriented manager, scientist, and team leader with 12+ years of industry experience backed by strong scientific expertise and a publication record in the field of in vitro toxicology. Actively working in academia since 2019. 

My main scientific interest is in tissue engineering of reconstructed in vitro 3D organotypic models that are used for in vitro toxicity testing.  I have unique expertise in the development of in vitro assays with 3D tissue models, their validation and implementation into the regulatory toxicology and OECD Test Guidelines. 

I've been a part of many exciting scientific as well as business projects and gained invaluable managerial and business skills. 

Helena Kandarova 43.jpg

I possess extensive experience in planning, conducting, and managing in vitro studies used for risk and safety assessment of chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices, and household products.

President of ESTIV, Vice-president of SETOX, Chair of the Slovak National Platform for 3Rs (SNP3Rs), Chair of the Communication Subcommittee at EUROTOX, EPAA Mirror Group Member, Nominated national expert in the OECD expert groups, National representative at EURL ECVAM PARERE activities, representative of Slovak NETVAL laboratory.  Senior scientist at CEM, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Lecturer at the IBM, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia 

EVENTS - 2024

ESTIV 2024 Congress
Congress President

Lecture and posters
Prague, Czech Republic
June 3-6,  2024

EU Roadmap towards safety testing of chemicals without animals

Brussels, Belgium 
June 17-18,  2024
LIVe 2024
Award recipient 

Nice, France 
June 20-21,  2024

PSCI Award
Lake Como Summer school 
Invited lecture 
Como, Italy
May 15-16, 2024


Collaboration Day
Utrecht, the Netherlands

April, 2024

IMPROVE Training School - 3D cell models for 3Rs research

Kaunas, Lithuania

May 09-10, 2024

ONTOX Hackathon 

Utrecht, The Netherlands 

April, 2024


Faculty webinar

Invited lectures

April, 2024

ONTOX Annual meeting 

PRA Workshop

Utrecht, The Netherlands 

April, 2024

Uni Milano  

Alternative methods course 

 Invited lecture

9 April, 2024

Cyrila Daxnera

Invited lecture

Career Day
Vranov nad Toplou, Slovensko

January, 2024

ŽŠ Holčíkovce

Career Day

Invited lecture
Holcikovce, Slovensko

January, 2024

EVENTS - 2023

OECD Stakeholders workshop on operational and financial aspects of validation

 Invited lecture

Paris France14-15 December 2023,

27th International Conference of the Slovak Society for Quality at the occasion of the World Quality Week

Invited lecture
30. November -1 December, 2023, High Tatras, Slovakia

ASPIS Open Symposium

Ljubjana, Slovenia  
September 14 -15, 2023 
DGK/IKW Seminar for Safety Assessors 
Invited lecture 
Warsaw, Poland 
September 27, 2023

High Tatras  
September 27-29, 2023

ESTIV Training Course 
ed lectures
Bratislava Slovakia  
May 29-June 2,  2023 

EURL ECVAM Network for Preliminary Assessment of Regulatory Relevance 

JRC, Ispra, Italy   
30-31 March 2023

MPS  Summit
Member of SPC
Berlin, Germany 
June 26-29,  2023 


57th Congress of the European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology
Ljubjana, Slovenia  
September 11 -13, 2023 

British Toxicology Society
Invited lecture
Birmingham, UK  
17-19st April 2023

Lake Commo Summer school 
Invited lecture
19. May  2023 

 Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing in Sri Lanka (SAAT-SL)
Keynote lecture 
Colombo, Sri Lanka
31st January and 1st February 2023.

COST meeting
Lecture, LOC
Bratislava, Slovakia
February 15–17, 2023

 US Society of Toxicology

Keynote lecture 
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
March 19–23, 2023

EVENTS - 2022 

ESTIV 2022 Congress
Congress President

Björn Ekwall Memorial Award lecture 
Barcelona, Spain 
November 21-25,  2022

3rd Asian Congress for Alternatives to Animal Experiments

Plenary lecture

 Jeju - Korea,
14th-16th December 2022
Invited lecture - Horst Spielmann session
Linz, Austria 
September 26 – 28 , 2022
75. Anniversary of IEFT CEM SAS 
SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia  
September 29, 2022
Noc Výskumníkov 2022
Stará Trznica, Bratislava  
September 30, 2022
Keynote lecture 
Hradec Králové, Czech republic 
August 29 to September 1, 2022
Women in Alternatives
Invited lecture 
Milano (Virtual), Italy 
September 8, 2022
EUROTOX award  lecture
Maastricht, The Netherlands 
September 18-21, 2022
ESTIV Applied Training course
Invited lectures
LIST, Luxembourg 
June 6-11,  2022
OECD Expert Group on topical toxicity and phototoxicity 
Virtual, OECD Paris 
June 15,  2022
Lake Commo Summer School
Invited lecture
Lake Commo, Italy 
June 7-8,  2021
COURSE: Alternative Methods in Toxicology
Invited lecture
Milano, Italy
April 26,  2022
MPS World Summit
Member of the Scientific and Steering commitees 
New Orleans, USA
May 30 – June 3, 2022

PAST EVENTS - 2021  

MPS World Summit
Virtual meeting 
December 9, 2021
3R Advances
Keynote lecture 
November 19, 2021
Virtual meeting, India 

SVLZ 2021
Keynote lecture 
Olomouc, Czech republic
29 -30 September

ESTIV Best Poster Award Committee/ BCM 
Virtual meeting   
27 September to 1 October 1, 2021
Invited lecture 
L’era delle 3R: modelli in silico, in vitro e in vivo per promuovere la ricerca traslazionale
30 September - 1 October 2021
TOXCON  2021
Keynote Lecture 
September 15-17,  2021
Stara Lesna, High Tatras 
ASCCT Annual Meeting
October 12-14, 2021
Virtual meeting, USA

ESTIV Best Poster Award Committee 
Virtual meeting
Maastricht, the Netherlands 

23 August - 2 September, 2021 |
Keynote lecture
Ankara, Turkey  
June 22-25,  2021
Invited lecture
Bratislava, Slovakia 
May 24-25,  2021
Science with impact in an era of information overload
Ispra, Italy 
June 7-9,  2021
JRC Summer School
ESTIV Best Poster Award Committee 
Ispra, Italy 
May 17-20,  2020
Lake Commo Summer School
Invited lecture
Lake Commo, Italy 
June 7-8,  2021
Virtual Class on Alternatives 
Invited lecture
Milan, Italy 
April  13,  2021
Le Studium
Invited lecture
Tours, France 
December 3,  2020

PAST EVENTS - 2020  

Invited lecture 
Pune, India 
November 7, 2020
ESTIV Applied Toxicology Course 
Brussels, Belgium 
25-30 October 2020
EUROFINS  Medical Device Seminar 2020
Invited lecture
Munich, Germany 
20 - 22 October 2020
Keynote lecture
Bratislava, Slovakia 
October 8-9, 2020
ACTC 2020
Keynote talk  
Cardiff, UK
30th September - October 1, 
Alternatives to Animal Experiments in Biology, Medicine and Toxicology
Keynote talk  
Minsk, Belarus 
24-25 September 2020
Prague, Czech republic
3-5 September, 2020 
Virtual Summer school on alternatives 
Lake Como, Italy
3-4 June 2020
Virtual class on  Alternative methods
Invited lecture for students 
Uni Milan - remotely, Italy 
7 April, 2020
Science with Impact in an Era of Information Overload Meeting
EC, JRC Ispra, Italy  
3-4 March 2020
R2N Science Winter Camp
Keynote talk 
Braunlage, Germany 
20-22 January 2020
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