2020: Interview for 

Journal TEMA: Fifth Element 

from Slovak Laboratories 


with Richard Filipko 

2020: CVTI

Scientists, the super-heroes of today 

Collection of the 2020 interviews with Slovak scientists

2020: Toxicologist from SAS has become the chairperson of the European Society of Toxicology in Vitro ESTIV

Kandarova Chairperson of ESTIV.jpg

2020 - Interview

Pes ani Mačka nie je žiadna hračka (Dogs and cats are no toys) 

2020: Interview and Podcast

for Dennik N on alternative methods in toxicology: Artificial skin can replace millions of experimental animals and reduces suffering. 

with Zuzana Vitková

STV-VAT: Tissue engineering and 3Rs (2018)

with Gregor Mareš.

with Denisa Koleničová

Lush Prize Shortlisted and Commended in Category Lobbying in 2020  

FU Berlin Helena Kandarova In Vitro Toxicology

2013: TV JOJ - News at 5 pm.

Short Interview on cosmetic testing without animals

2009: JOVE Video-protocol Skin Irritation Testing

EUROTOX 2017 in Bratislava

EUSAAT COngress 2017 -

Interview with Adrian Pflug und Emilie Langlande

2005: World Congress 5 in Berlin - work of the ZEBET at the BfR 

An insight into the work of the German Center for Evaluation and Validation of Alternative Methods - ZEBET at the BfR in Berlin 

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